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Video Camera

Digital Soirée

by Music and Makan

Socially Distant, connected through music

Digital Soirée is a platform featuring videos of independent classical musicians and groups. Our mission remains the same - to bring intimate and engaging classical music to you and to create new opportunities for Singapore's best classical musicians to be seen and heard. Disruption brings new opportunities and we are proud to launch Digital Soirée, expanding our reach to musicians around the world, bringing great music to you, wherever you may be.

Italian Balcony




Digital Soirée 

In times of uncertainty and despair, music can remind us that there is still beauty, still good and still hope in this world. Inspired by citizens around the world singing from their balconies while in quarantine, we hope to uplift and bring comfort to you through our music, and remind you that we WILL get through this together! From our balconies to you.

This concept is best viewed on a laptop/tablet. :)

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