What is a Performance Dialogue?

Music and Makan presents unique performances, which feel like ongoing conversations between musicians and audience members. In these hour-long sessions, musicians tease out and expound on specific elements such as a particular emotion or musical theme, to deepen the artistic experience for audience members.

Performance dialogues are enjoyed by seasoned classical music lovers, but they are particularly effective in breaking down notoriously complex yet emotionally rewarding classical music pieces for audiences new to the art form in a way that allows them to have a deep and meaningful initial engagement with classical music.


What we do

Intimate sessions in Living Rooms

Our Music and Makan sessions in living rooms are unique, memorable experiences bringing together the best of Singapore's classical music and culinary arts. Click on the link below to find out more about our next session! If you're interested in hosting musicians in your living room, please contact Beverly at musicandmakan@gmail.com!


A performance dialogue is an opportunity to listen to great music, a perfect bite-sized introduction to classical music, and a great way discover Singapore's brilliant classical musicians. If you're interested in having musicians at your workplace, contact Beverly at musicandmakan@gmail.com!

Activating the Community

We intend to develop a training programme for musicians to curate and deliver effective performance dialogues.

Watch this space!

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