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Intimate and engaging classical music experiences,

paired with the culinary arts.


We are a specialist lifestyle platform that curates memorable live music experiences through innovative approaches to audience engagement and education; creating opportunities to build community around makan (local slang for eating) - every Singaporean’s favourite pastime.

What is the Music and Makan experience?

A Music and Makan session is usually held in an intimate space, that feels like a living room. It begins with an hour-long performance, where Singapore's finest classical musicians give a verbal explanation of the music before performing it. After the performance, guests are free to meet the musicians and make new friends over makan.

Music and Makan sessions are enjoyed by seasoned classical music lovers, but are particularly effective in creating a deep and meaningful initial engagement with classical music for audiences new to the genre by breaking down notoriously complex yet emotionally rewarding classical music pieces.

What we do

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Buy a ticket to attend one of our events! We are looking forward to welcoming you to one of our events.. soon! Click here to see our past events.

Let us curate an evening of brilliant classical music for you and your guests, featuring Singapore's finest classical musicians. Reach out to us here for a conversation. 

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Music and Makan is a great way to bring teams together over great classical music and delicious makan! Reach out to us here for more information! 

Our Guests Say


“It’s my fourth Music and Makan event and what I love is the fact that you can really hear them sharing their passion. Be it the musicians who share why they love playing their instrument or how the chef got their inspiration for their dishes. It’s really great.” Jean-F

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